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Welcome to the finest level of luxury and comfort – Naga Tara Resort’s Accommodation. Located in the stunning vistas of the province of Phayao, Thailand, you can choose any of the various accommodations at our resort to become your place of rest during the whole stay. 

The rooms are your retreat that you dream of coming back to with each passing adventure. And for the utmost luxury levels, we offer our Villas, complete with an additional living room, own private pool, and a personal butler to make your stay wholly intimate and comfortable. Northern Thailand can be conquered with the top standards of your extreme privacy and peace.

Romantic for two, family-friendly, or utterly intimate offerings – you shall be over the moon with the dedicated service of our staff. Do give the pool, spa, and restaurant a try, and then vent into the nearby attractions of Mother Nature, sceneries, and exhilarating ongoings. Book with us, and the Naga Tara Resort will do the rest!